Ensure Only the Right People Have Access to Your Business

Today’s access control systems go beyond just locking and unlocking doors – they must give you enough control and information to run your business more efficiently while also providing a safe work environment for all your employees. Stellar Security & Surveillance offers custom access control systems for every business – from small, one-location businesses to large enterprises.

Benefits & features of access control systems

  • No more expensive re-keying when employees leave – With traditional locks, you must rekey every door when an employee leaves or risk a security breach. Access control systems let you simply deactivate the employees’ access.
  • Restrict access to certain areas – Access control systems make it easier to restrict access to certain areas of your business and to change access on the fly.
  • Provides an exact audit of room use and employee time – Get real data that lets you know where employees are throughout the day and how your business is being used.
  • Wired and wireless solutions – Starlight Security offers both wired and wireless access control systems to fit businesses of any shape or size.
  • IP card readers – IP card readers integrate with your existing network, minimizing the difficulty of installation and implementation.
  • Biometrics – You can use anything from fingerprints to retina scans to control access throughout your business.
  • Hosted access control – Let Stellar Security & Surveillance host and manage your access control system for you to save you time and overhead.
  • Identity management – Create ID badges and cards for your employees and manage the database yourself or let Stellar Security & Surveillance help.


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